The Palace of Versailles

Before I went to Paris I didn't know anything about the Palace of Versailles. I know I know, living in a cave….. I'm like this sometimes.  So anywayz, when my friends said 'We're going to Versailles' I was like, 'Who?' and then we got on the train and went to a palace!

The Palace of Versailles is where King Louis' the XIV, XV, and XVI lived and Marie Antionette too. It was amazing and grand and at 0 degrees celcius the puddles were iced over. I loved it. We saw the amazingly huge gardens, the smaller living quarters and then the eff off huge palace where the king made all his important decisions and shit.  My favourite thing about the site was inside the buildings - the surfaces of everything! The floors, the walls, the fire places, the table tops, the vases, the skirting, the architraves.  Everything was so elaborately designed.  There was this huge sink thing (more like a birdbath but it was indoors so I'm assuming it wasn't a birdbath) and it was completely made from malachite! It was epic. All the floors were tiled in marble and stone and assembled in beautiful designs.  There were marble sculptures in epic proportions, gorgeous compositions in varying stone on the walls, AND stairways that would probably, in good weather, get you to heaven.  I'm moving in!!

I obsessed so hard over the textures that that was what I mostly got photos of.  When I got back to London I uploaded my snaps to my computer and began playing around with them in photoshop, then I obsessed hard over that.  These digital compositions have subsequently become the Versailles Series - A collection of twelve mash ups of textures from the Palace of Versailles combined with some heavy hints of Hollie.