S U M M I N G _ U P

It was one week ago today that 22 of my paintings hung neatly on the white walls of China Heights Gallery awaiting their viewing.  It's also taken me one week to get back to a headspace thats acceptable for being in the world.  It was such a whirlwind weekend and its hard to believe that 4 months of preparation and furious shape painting can be over at the snap of my fingers.

A big time thank you to all the people who managed to make it to the show on opening night and over the weekend, those who sent their well wishes from afar, those who shared the happenings on social media, those who posted interviews with me and articles before the show, and the people who took photos of the work and captured the opening night. It was awesome to meet the people who inspire me and hear that I inspire them as well. I feel like there was a lot of love and support thrown square in my face and I'm forever grateful. 

Although the exhibition is over there is still work available. Have a look through the catalogue here and if you're interested feel free to get in touch with me or with China Heights directly - gallery@chinaheights.com.

Big thanks to Gonçalo Mendonça, Lyndsay Noyes and Ed Woodley for the snaps.