About two weeks ago now I had a dear friend connect me to The Artistry.  From there and in one week I worked with them to design and execute an ambitious piece that is now part of The Art Hunter :)

The Art Hunter is a collaborative effort by Jaguar and The Cool Hunter, ultimately launching the new Jag C-X17 concept car and showcasing the work of an outstanding number of local and international creatives. Facilitated and curated by both The Artistry and Palmer Art Projects the display is wacky, and encapsulating.  Beginning as an empty warehouse in Alexandria, the space was transformed into a series of rooms where static and interactive art now exists.

The show boasts amazing work from CJ Hendry, The Writing's Tania Debono, Oliver Tanner, Phil James, Hendrik Gericke and Dorryce Rock, to name a few. The exhibition will be up until the end of March and is located at 90-96 Bourke Rd, Alexandria (directly across from The Grounds).

I'm so grateful to be a part of such an exciting project and work with so many great people. The work I have created for the space helped me step out of my comfort zone and create something that I am extremely proud of.  Thanks to everyone who has made this such an incredible experience so far :) xo

These photographs from Daniel Noone.

Click here to see more from the show.