I just finished reading an interview that Desktop Magazine did with Melbourne based Designer/Artist Sean Hogan.  Initally I was drawn to the interview because I saw Hogan's breathtaking work from 2008, Floyd Experiments.


Sean Hogan - Floyd Experiments, 2008

Hogan's work is an exploration "into form and visual language" and he creates thought provoking imagery whether it be for his artistic endeavours or for his clients through his design studio Trampoline. It was interesting to read about his work as a whole - his background, how he got started, the challenges of learning his chosen profession at a time when technology was changing dramatically (the 90's).

One particular question grabbed my attention more than others - "How does your art and design work coexist? Do the two disciplines inform and influence each other, or do they operate as two separate and distinct things?"

It got me thinking about design and art and why we separate them. Isn't an artist a designer? Isn't a designer an artist?  Aren't we just all creatives?  I am constantly posed with this question.  Frequently, my drawings are described as illustrations.  Isn't an illustrator someone who makes money from their work?  This isn't always the case for me and I'm not always creating with a particular brief in mind.  I used to think a designer was someone who was creating something for a particular purpose and an artist was someone who was creating work that was a more personal response to something but then isn't that for a particular purpose too? To make a depiction of what is seen through the artists eyes or as an emotional outlet.  And didn't that artist "design" that artwork? I just don't know anymore.  I feel like I'm going around in circles.

I admit, I'm lost.