In less than two weeks time I will be exhibiting my second solo show at China Heights Gallery in Sydney's Surry Hills. The show is titled NEW FORM and will feature a series of A1 sized paintings on board as well as a large mural painted directly onto the gallery wall.

It will be on display from Friday October 5 - October 16.  Come and check it out on opening night or in the week/s after.

My intention is to show that I am capable of working big and that the shapes and forms I create can translate into and lend themselves to a mural, street art, and graffiti context.  Over the past couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to work on some murals and large scale installations, which I’ve really enjoyed and I’m interested in developing that further and consequently doing more work like this.

The idea behind these pieces is similar to my previous work in that I am building on shapes and colour to represent a visual beauty.  My earlier work saw me working quite subconsciously and intuitively with unbalanced forms.  Although intuition is still the case behind all of my work, my images now have a strong sense of calculation, contemplation and are built on symmetrical forms.

works in progress