Cakes Wines Archi-bottle 2012

Sydney wine label Cake Wines, are going to be adding a shiraz wine to their collection real soon and so that means they need a new artwork/design for the label.  They are running a competition at the moment called the Archi-bottle, which is a play on Australia's most prestigious art award - The Archibald Prize.  Cake Wines pride themselves on supporting the arts and help to promote the work of young emerging creatives.  Past label artists include Mark Whalan (Kill Pixie), Beci Orpin, Kevin Tran and myself.  25 cents from every bottle of wine sold also goes towards FBi Radio - a not-for-profit community Sydney based radio station that plays a large part in the youth culture of the city.

The name of the game is to design their next label.  There is huge opportunity involved in this and I know because I speak from experience.  My creative efforts have not gone unnoticed or unrewarded.  It has been one of the most positive experiences I have had during my career as an artist so far. The boys do a great job of promoting themselves and their artists - holding events throughout Sydney like exhibitions with their current bottle artists, as well as their recent pop up bar which was a real hit, and more recently they have been making trips to Melbourne and Brisbane to get the word out there, ultimately generating lots of positive feedback. Cake are a growing brand and there's no stopping them.

Head on over to the Cake Wines website where you can download the info pack.  GOOD LUCK and knock 'em dead!