I have seen the work of Alex & Lee around before but finally I sat up and took notice of it.  There's a long history with this couple and it started in 1970 when they first met.  They are jewellery designers.  Their pieces consist of a jumble of knots, macrame, plastic, gems, shells, rope, and all sorts of found paraphernalia.  Their inspiration comes from all over the world and elements of tribal design and Asian, and Egyptian cultures shine through in their collections.  With recent trends in fashion and the strong influence of the seventies and bohemian culture, the work of Alex & Lee has been brought back into the spotlight.

They have worked alongside some notable and high profile artists and designers during their career.  1974 saw their contribution to Salvador Dali's Theatre Museum in Figueres, Spain with a commissioned display for the opening of the museum, while more recent projects include their collaboration with Proenza Schouler for their Resort 2012 accessories collection.

In the early 1990s Alex passed away, which caused Lee to stop creating.  Fortunately, the universe brought him a new partner, Greg Franke, who would ultimately become the continuing force behind the Alex & Lee label.  With Greg's skills in weaving and dying and Lee's passion for assemblage the label was able to live on.