paper + geometry

Over the past few years I have experimented with paper sculptures in varying capacities and last year exhibited a large sculptural piece, which I totally loved.  Coming up in a couple of weeks I'll be installing a new piece at Incu in Sydney's the Galeries.  it will be up for 2 months so if you're in the area make sure you get there for a peek.

So, recently when I was told by two mad peeps (Bri and Saez) about these artists working with paper and geometry I instantly got excited.

The first is a freelance artist and designer, Paige Smith, working under the moniker, A Common Name.  She has been working on a Geode project where she creates these little paper beauties that fill absent spaces in the Los Angeles area. I'm loving this concept!

Geode #3, DTLA

Geode #7 Installation, Daily Dose DTLA

Geode #9, Downtown LA

As well as working on the outdoors based Geode project, Paige has began experimenting with image mapping, which is something I'm not familiar with but the results are looking beautiful.  See more of the experimentation here.

The second project I've fallen for is a collaboration between artist's Matthew Shlian and Michael Cina who approach the project with a real sense of emergence and chance.

Aesthetically, there is a likeness to my own work with this series but mine is a lot less refined than these amazing pieces.  Plus, the size of these particular pieces, at approx 8x8" are a fraction of the size that I work with.

Cina's marbled organic application of colour is paired beautifully with Shlian's paper shapes.  I absolutely adore these works!

Aleatoric Composition 2

Aleatoric Composition 3 (detail)

Aleatoric Composition 1 (detail)