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Friday night saw a great turn out at China Heights Gallery for Cake Wines' little art project - An Exhibition of Wine.

Below is a nice bit of footage that pretty much sums up the night.

Personally, seeing my own work hung on those white walls alongside Kevin Tran, Beci Orpin and Kill Pixie, I was pretty chuffed.  Everyone I spoke to had such positive words to say about the artwork on show and about the wine being ingested. Yum. I must say, the Pinot Grigio is pretty tasty, not because I designed the label, but just because it is!  That crowd must have been extra thirsty because I got there at 7 and there was only the Cab Merlot left.  The boys had to make a sneaky exit to go and get a few more cases.  That's saying something!

It was a great night and Cake have done an amazing job!  The wines are stocked at a number of bottle shops and bars in Sydney so contact them at to see where you can get your hands on some.