he made she made

tuesday night saw the launch of new sydney concept gallery, he made she made. i popped down for the fiesta to get a sneak peak at this new space and was pleasantly surprised.  the gallery has found its home on darlinghurst's busy oxford street, right next door to kind of gallery, bringing more day life to this area that is mostly known for it's intriguing and eventful night life :) not only did the space boast an awesome selection of work but the place was packed out with peeps there to support and get a preview. the opening was full of fresh new faces, which was a nice thing to see in this big, yet small, city.

the space came about when a collaborative group 4-strong needed a space they could work from and where simultaneously they could display their own work and the work of fellow australian artists and designers. blurring the fine line between design and art has worked well for he made she made and its so positive to see these two worlds interact.

all time talented artist and all round awesome dude, kevin tran had work on display - im always a sucker for anything he does. but my favourite pieces of this show belonged to dion horstmans, whose work displays a concern with volume and space while using line, light and shadow to combine elements of 2D and 3D. i want these in my home! be.you.ti.ful. go have a look for yourself!!! go go go.

dion horstmans