let them drink cake

i wasn't going to go talking about this yet as it was still in early stages but since two thousand have put mention to it it was time for me to say something. recently, a couple of cool dudes started a wine label - cake wines. not just because im friends with the guys or because i like wine do i think this is awesome, there are other reasons too. they have put an exciting spin on this label and that is the whole approach to culture while supporting and promoting the creative scene, which i am totally all about. the guys have had artists beci orpin and mark whalen aka kill pixie create the artwork for the labels of their bottles. and the cool shit doesn't stop there. 25 cents of every bottle is donated to fbi radio station, an independent sydney based, not for profit station. they have also managed to receieve a huge amount of support from the guys at musica and inertia- huge. existing in the cake range, is a yummy cab merlot and a sav blanc. soon to be added are the white and the red pinots. thats where i come in. a piece that i have created is soon to be on the label for the pinot grigio so keep a look out. cake wines is stocked at a number of bottle stores in sydneys inner west, surry hills, redfern and darlinghurst and for a small price of $15.99 a bottle its a total steal. see the cake website for exact locations.

image courtesy of two thousand