the new kid on the block

newsflash.  last week i moved into an amazing studio space! this means great things for me and my creative endeavours. i finally have a place that i call work (when it comes to arting).  things are still a bit lacking in terms of furniture and decorating my space but that will happen in good time. you cant rush perfection.  the space is really awesome - floor boards, beautiful big windows to let heaps of natural light in, a kitchen, a cute little communal area with great furniture and some of sydneys best creatives to work alongside to help the inspiration flow and to exchange feedback and support.  i am feeling so positive about the move. its like im a normal person again. no more pyjamas all day and working on the floor of our apartment. things were just getting unhealthy and im a firm believer in separating work and home life.  expect some exciting things to start happening.