gold hearted

on the weekend it was our good friends ange and dea's birthday.  on friday night we went to a lovely restaurant in surry hills to celebrate their special day.  we got them some nice little gifts from michelle of gold hearted over at etsy and they loved them. so did i, i almost didnt want to give them away.  and it was perfect, they hadn't arrived and i was getting prepared to do the "im sorry i havent got you a present yet" speech but when i got home on friday they were in our mailbox, waiting. perfect timing.


michelle's designs are lovely.  the perfect feminine touch to a simple outfit. and the colours she uses are beautiful too.  i am so into the burgundy cotton and really love the addition of little gems to the creations.  to top everything, michelle is super nice and is very professional which makes everything so much easier aaaaand the pieces are so reasonably priced.

go check out the collection of bracelets and necklaces in her etsy store and while you're at it, have a peek at her blog, gold hearted girl.