dana lynn harper

last week i stumbled across the work of dana lynn harper, an artist from columbia in the united states creating gorgeous work built up of collage and stencil.  spray paint sits on the surface like a mist and visually the work is magical, but thats not what appeals the most.  dana's process of stencilling, using cotton or wool, lace, and tape as resists presents an exciting element in the work and really gives it an inspiring hands on feel. it makes me want to have a go. check out her blogspot and you can see the process take place.  dana also collages the paper she prepares, producing highly resolved geometric compositions. she also has an etsy store where you can get your grubby mits on her original pieces. get there...

this guy is my favourite!
target, 2011
canson paper, orange and white spray paint

itty bitty magic crystal ball, 2011