ala champfest for BRIGHT

yesterday i got an email from joanna down at ala champfest magazine in melbourne and she asked me to be involved in something thats happening in berlin - bright tradeshow 2011, which will be happening from July7-9. i still feel like i dont know a great deal about bright but this is huge news as my work will be shown on the other side of the world. 

heres a bit of a write up about it that joanna passed onto me -

Ala Champfest Magazine are once again gracing us with their presence alongside long-time collaborators FixedGearLondon. Always ones the collaborate, their show in Bright Art Area, entitled Sketches, Snaps and Screenprints, showcases this. All areas of these mediums are covered, with work from chosen artists from across the globe.

FixedGearLondon will be exhibiting their large-scale photograps and in addition, visitors are also treated to photographs by the wonderful Crista Leonard, customized by illustrator Tinhead.

A fresh global community of creatives is starting... and you're all invited.

Published 3 times a year, ala champfest magazine is all about featuring original and unique talent in art, design, photography, tavel and sports, whether emerging or established.  check out their website to find out where you can get your hands on a copy for yourself. 

here's what happened last year at bright in frankfurt.  and check out more here

and after my mama scoured the net for explanations she found these cool vids that i hadn't come across.  it definitely gives more bright insight.  check the bright vibe//

part one can be seen here

so if you're in berlin in early july go have a peek