myles heskett

on the weekend i went and saw myles heskett's exhibition the valleys of ash, currently showing at mart gallery on commonwealth st in surry hills.  the display of work was great so go check it out before the show finishes up on 30 april.

ink on paper

heskett is the founder of acclaimed sydney band wolfmother and the work for this exhibition was produced when the band returned from a world tour in 2007.  to accompany the show the artist has created a book, wolf trails, containing reproductions of sketches and drawings he had done in a sketchbook while on tour.  the publication can be purchased through the gallery.

 ink and mixed media on paper

the show boasts large scale oil paintings and ink and mixed media drawings.  the work has a really nice raw aura surrounding it.  i am especially 'drawn' to the smaller scale drawings for their effortless nature.  the earth tones used in the works give them a 70s, vintage vibe, presenting influences from the past.  the drawings are quite feminine while the painting, with their layered and textured surface have a masculine mood, exposing a nice juxtaposition of elements.  however, the stunning use of repetition and pattern makes for a strong, cohesive body of work.

read more about the exhibition here on the mart gallery website