a few weeks ago cam and jack at ching-a-lings let me paint the wall behind their awesome display of bottles. i didnt know how it would go because i have only been painting the triangles with watercolour and not to mention, a fraction of the size! once i started everything came together nicely, it was just a matter of when it would get finished. i think it took just over 3 weeks - it was a super slow process.

here's how it went
snaps are courtesy of eat cornbeef, formerly a resort life

the first night, white night, undercoat and burger joint for dinner

and i get to be propped somewhere on the same wall as lister. kind of a big deal

next day and next step, drawing in the line work to build the triangles

the first bit of colour

a break and some ricotta and blueberry pastizzis from the maltese cafe

juxtaposing patterns

almost at the end

almost finished, one more session to go

and done

so go and check it out at 133 oxford st,  get yourself a long neck and listen to the ace tunes. 

that reminds me, this wednesday night, march 9, come down and watch the perves spin some awesome tracks